Our school

The Quebec national school of integrated security
(ENSIQ) is in development to be a world leader in management training of
security events and crises for command and control
With its high-level laboratory of R & D, the school
will improve security of organizations, saving lives by
training stakeholders in decision-making and to allow
citizens to live in a safer environment.


ENSIQ will enable to offer solid and unique training to console
operators, security systems managers, application
developers, decision makers and to all security
It also provides laboratory spaces in partnership with
business to keep the industry at the leading edge of R
& D: test benches, networking, technology transfer,
staffing recruitment, international convention…

Promising trade

Command and control center operators – Command and control center Manager – Command and control configuration systems responsible – Sales manager training – And more…

› You are interested by security trades and wish

to enter the job market with a recognized DVS
or ACS diploma?
› You are an operator, manager or in charge of a
command and control center configuration
already employed and want to solidify your
› Want to recruit operators or increase the
qualification of your existing staff?

… In all fields of activity